About DaffTube

Using the DaffTube.org Site

  • Hover your mouse cursor over the subject areas on the main menu bar to highlight it and to show the sub-menu of presentations. Click on the subject area name to jump to a page with overviews of the presentations, or click on a presentation to jump to the page describing that presentation.
  • Send questions or comments to us using the “Contact Us” link on the “American Daffodil Society” panel.
  • Click on a presentation to either download or view it (depends on the file type) on your computer.

Menu Bar

The green menu bar may become your favorite tool! It is the quickest way to find the presentations that interest you.

Subject Areas

Based on our review of existing presentations, we chose subject area names that would fit on the menu bar and behave in a reasonable way on mobile devices as well as computer monitors. If you can think of a better classification system or think a presentation has been assigned to the wrong area, let us know.

Primary subject areas are:

  • Daffodil Types
  • Hybridizing
  • Growing
  • Exhibiting and Judging
  • Shows and Events