About PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is a file format defined by Adobe Systems for files that can be viewed on many different computers and which will look the same way on many different computers. There are many products that can create or display PDF files. Not surprisingly, Adobe has made the PDF format popular by providing free readers for many computer platforms. Quite often, desktop and laptop computers come with Adobe Reader preinstalled. Many third party applications come with a user manual in PDF format. Macintosh computers come with an application named Preview that can display PDF files, but you can also get the Adobe Reader for Macintosh. If you have a mobile device that does not come with a PDF reader, you should check the app store for your device and search for “PDF reader”. You will find multiple such apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Click here to go to the Adobe Reader web site

If you use Reader from Adobe to open an ADS presentation, it will ask if it’s okay to go to full screen mode. If you enter full screen mode and wish to stop, hit the ESC key to go back to a window that has menus. You can use the arrow keys on your computer to advance to the next page or go back a page. If you are on a Macintosh and using Preview rather than Reader, go to the View menu and pull down to the Slideshow option. Then click on the icon that looks like a rectangle with four arrows at the corners to stretch the slide to full screen. Clicking on the X icon or hitting the ESC key will take you back to the menu bar with the slide in a window. The automatic advance versions of ADS presentations have specific durations built in for each slide. These durations are honored by Reader but not by Preview. The latter (in slideshow mode) will show a “play” triangle which advances through the slides at a constant rate which is usually too fast for comfortable reading.

DaffTube has set up the links to PDF files to open in another window so that you retain the window from which you jumped. In some browsers the PDF will open in a new tab rather than a new window. There may or may not be a scroll bar for paging through a PDF file. In some browsers only the scroll wheel will allow you to move through the PDF file. When you close the tab with the PDF file, you should be back in the tab from which you jumped just as closing a new window takes you back to the previous window.