Intermediate Daffodils

Intermediate daffodils are single floreted cultivars in Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 11 with typical diameters greater than 50 mm and up to 80 mm. This presentation is a compilation in 2006 of photos of known intermediates as well as cultivars of unknown size that potentially were intermediates. Since this presentation is just a collection of photos, it ordinarily would not be shown to an audience but would just be viewed by individuals who are interested in intermediates. The presentation consists of 163 slides and is available in a manual advance version where you advance from one slide to the next manually and in an automatic advance version where the slides will advance automatically based on the encoded durations when played by the Adobe Reader. Both are PDF files. If you are unfamiliar with PDF, click on the “About PDF” link in the sidebar.

Intermediate Daffodils, Manual Advance Version

Intermediate Daffodils, Automatic Advance Version