Some Show Worthy Classics

This presentation is a collection of the better classic cultivars that would be appropriate to enter in the classics section of daffodil shows. It would not make much sense to show only this presentation to an audience; it is a suitable follow on if you present Here Come the Classics! ahead of it. Of course, this presentation can also be viewed by individuals. The rationale for producing this presentation is that many experienced daffodil exhibitors may not be aware of the year their daffodils were registered. This presentation will remind them which of the cultivars they already grow happen to be classics and can be entered in the classics section of a show as well the regular sections for standards. This presentation is available in two versions, both PDF files. In one version you manually advance from one slide to the next. The other version advances automatically is you display it using the Adobe Reader. There are 118 slides. If you are unfamiliar with PDF, click on “About PDF” in the sidebar.

Some Show Worthy Classics, Manual Advance Version

Some Show Worthy Classics, Automatic Advance Version