World Daffodil Tour 2008

Instead of a World Daffodil Convention in 2008, there an organized sequence of visits to shows and growers in England, Netherlands, and Northern Ireland. The National Daffodil Society of New Zealand organized a tour that expanded upon the World Tour with visits to the South East of England Daffodil Society show, to Noel Burr, to Clive Postles, to the Throckmorton estate, and to Wisley. This is one traveler’s account of the expanded tour. There is a total of 84 slides. This presentation is available in two versions. In one version you advance from one page to the next manually. The other version is self-playing (under Adobe Reader)  by automatically advancing from one page to the next. Both have exactly the same content, and both are PDF files. If you are not familiar with PDF, click on the “About PDF” link in the sidebar.

World Daffodil Tour 2008, Manual Advance Version

World Daffodil Tour 2008, Automatic Advance Version