Examining Exhibition Daffodils

This presentation consists of two PDF files. One file is a “slide” program with photographs of daffodil flaws and fault. The other file is a script providing commentary about the slides. The intended audience of the presentation is new exhibitors and student judges. The purpose of the presentation is to improve their awareness of the faults and flaws that judges will be looking for. The presentation does not include point scoring or suggest how many points to deduct for a particular flaw as this is somewhat subjective. The photos might also be useful supplementary material for a judging school. The “slide” program has a total of 90 slides. The script with the commentary is 10 pages. Unless you have a computer screen large enough to display both at the same time, you should print the script onto paper before viewing the slides. If you are not familiar with PDF, click on the “About PDF” link in the sidebar.

Examining Exhibition Daffodils (slide program)

Examining Exhibition Daffodils Script (commentary on the slides)