Judges Jeopardy

American Daffodil Society member Becky Fox Matthews prepared a PowerPoint presentation modeled after the television program “Jeopardy.”  The “Judges Jeopardy” presentation  was the ADS Judges’ refresher at the 2019 National Convention Bloomington, Minnesota.  It was so popular, we made the PowerPoint presentation and script available here.

Starting Screen for Judges Jeopardy PowerPoint presentation

Judges Jeopardy starting screen

Since it’s a PowerPoint presentation, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer to play this game. It appears to run successfully on both Windows and Macintosh computers. It uses PowerPoint macros to update the screen, so you will have to allow macros to be enabled.  Below is the link for downloading the game. Be sure to save the file on your computer.  It can be run on a single monitor or on a dual monitor setup. In the latter case, use the mouse to click on the display monitor or projector. With a single monitor, you’ll want to enter full screen mode.


The “game” is meant to be a refresher for a group of judges. The instructions for how to run the presentation are in the PDF file below.  Please download, save,  and read the instructions.


Correct answers are provided in large print in a box along with a page number in small print.  The 2019 draft version of the ADS Judges Handbook for Growing, Exhibiting and Judging Daffodils has different page numbers than the 2007 Edition of the Handbook.