Judging Intermediates

In October 2010 the fall board meeting of the American Daffodil Society added an Intermediates Symposium to attract more attendees (in addition to board members) to the meeting. One of the four presentations in the Symposium was a talk on judging intermediates given by Bob Spotts. High definition recording was not widely practiced at that time, and the talk was recorded in standard definition. The talk and its slides were subsequently made available as a (standard definition) DVD for sale on the ADS web store. The original recordings and files have long since been deleted, so now (2017) we have retrieved the talk from the DVD. There is a slight loss of quality in this circuitous route, but the video is still viewable. As it was only standard definition to begin with, the video that we make available here is 640×480 rather than high definition. The aspect ratio if 4:3 (rather than 16:9) as was normal for standard definition at that time.

Classes for intermediate size daffodils in daffodil shows were still relatively new in 2010; hence, this talk was intended to acquaint daffodil judges with the nuances of judging intermediates. Rules and standards can change, so if you’re viewing this video for the purpose of judging intermediates, you should also contact the chairperson of the ADS Intermediates Committee to ask if there if there are changes or additions to the content in this video.


If the video does not play smoothly due to limited network bandwidth, you may wish to download and view it offline. There are also lower resolution versions which are smaller files that you might find more suitable for a small screen device. Click on THIS_LINK to go to the page with the files you can download.