Soil Management

This is a presentation Rick Clark gave on October 23, 2021 at the ADS Fall Board Meeting and Forum in Reno, Nevada. The complete name of the presentation is Get to the Root of the Problem through Soil Management: Soils, Soil Testing, Augmentation, and Nutrients. Rick Clark is the owner of Mega Landscaping, pioneering organic installation and maintenance in a chemical-heavy industry on managing soil and pests. This presentation was shared live via Zoom to remote Forum registrants and made available as a 1920×1080 video recording for all registrants to view up through December 17, 2021. With Rick Clark’s permission, it’s available now in DaffTube for anyone to view. The player below presents a 1280×720 copy of that recording. The duration is 48 minutes and 23 seconds.


If the video does not play smoothly due to limited network bandwidth, you may wish to download and view it off line. There are also lower resolution versions which are smaller files that you might find more suitable for a small screen device. Click on THIS LINK to go to the page with the files you can download. The high definition version is also there.