Outstanding Modern American-Bred Daffodils

This presentation is a collection of photographs of the better and recent American-bred daffodils. This was originally a slide program – i.e. 35mm slides. In 2005 the slides were digitized to make this presentation. ┬áThe quality of some of the slides leaves something to be desired, and, of course, it does not include cultivars introduced since 2005. ┬áStill, it’s useful for seeing what American daffodil hybridizers have accomplished in the recent past. The presentation is available in two versions, identical except you advance from one slide to the next manually in one version and the slides advance automatically (when displayed using Adobe Reader) in the other version. Both are PDF files with 158 slides. If you’re unfamiliar with PDF, click on the “About PDF” link in the sidebar.

Outstanding Modern American-Bred Daffodils, Manual Advance Version

Outstanding Modern American-Bred Daffodils, Automatic Advance Version