Narcissus Culture (1990)

This is a lecture given by William C. Hu at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. It’s apparently the second of two lectures, one on January 27, 1990 and the second on January 28, 1990. William C. Hu is the author of the book “Narcissus: Chinese New Year Flower; Legends and Folklore”. The audio cassette was sent to the ADS by member Sheldon Tom. The recording ends somewhat abruptly, so we probably did not get the entire lecture. Although the lecture was title “Narcissus Culture”, this is not culture in the sense of growing and cultivating. This is culture in the sense of fine arts, civilization, and tradition. (See the remarks about digitization of old audio cassettes on the Audios page.) The recording the ADS received was quite noisy, and digital processing to reduce the noise has left the speech barely intelligible in spots. Still, this is a rather different take on Narcissus, so we thought it deserved a spot in DaffTube. This recording is a 59.8 MB MP3 file that lasts one hour, 23 minutes, and 10 seconds.