Video Links

The purpose of this page is to let you try your Internet browser on various versions of a one minute, sample video to determine which works best for you. Since DaffTube intends for you to view its videos directly, we want you to try the viewer below first. After you start playing it, you can click on it to pause and click again to resume with some browsers. Some browsers don’t allow pausing.


Possibly the resolution or data bandwidth required by the videos in the viewer is too high for your device or for your Internet connection. In that case, we have other files you can try. If low bandwidth is your problem, you can try downloading the high resolution MP4 or WEBM files the viewer offered and then display them after you’ve saved the files. The following files are meant for downloading and are stored on Dropbox. Browsers vary in their behavior, and your browser might save a video, might attempt to display a video, or might offer you a choice.  Depending on your browser, it may be more convenient to copy and paste the URL rather than clicking on the hyperlink, so we furnish both. For a discussion of downloading and other topics, click on the Video FAQ link in the side bar.

MP4 version at 1280 x 720 resolution: Sample_1280x720_mp4.mp4 (20.6MB) at “”

WEBM version at 1280 x 720 resolution: Sample_1280x720_webm.webm (15.7MB) at “”

MP4 version at 854 x 480 resolution: Sample_854x480.mp4 (9.7MB) at

MP4 version at 640 x 360 resolution: Sample_640x360.mp4 (7MB) at

MP4 version at 512 x 288 resolution: Sample_512x288.mp4 (4.3MB) at

An MP4 file that complies with the standard does not have a chapter track. An M4V file is a generalized MP4 file defined by Apple that can include a chapter track. If you have an iOS device or an application (like iTunes) that can list the locations and titles of chapters, try the following file.

M4V version at 854 x 480 resolution: Sample_854x480.m4v (14.9) at

For more detailed information about the videos on this page, click on Video Links Details link in the side bar.