This page is a list of the videos available for on-line viewing in DaffTube regardless of their subject area. Most of the presentations in DaffTube are PDF files, and only a few are (or have) videos. The list of their names follows. Click on the name to jump to their descriptions.

An Overview of ADS Web Sites

Let’s Grow Daffodils!

Show Your Daffodils!

2000 World Daffodil Convention

Elise Havens Presentation

Judging Intermediates

New Zealand Students

Sacramento Panel

Narcissus Bulbocodium

Potted Daffodils in Holland

Growing Miniatures

Following is a collection of interviews with important daffodil people.

Brian Duncan Interview

Nancy Wilson Interview

David Jackson Interview

Graham Phillips Interview

Spud Brogden Interview

David Adams Interview

Denise McQuarrie Interview

Graeme and Faith Miller Interview

Graham Fleming Interview

Wilf Hall Interview

Following are the presentations that were part of the 2021 ADS Fall Forum

Foliage Photography (2021)

Green Daffodils (2021)

Gardening Techniques for Bulbs (2021)

Soil Management (2021)

Daffodils at Ironstone (2021)

A presentation at the 2022 ADS convention

Memories to Long Remember (2022)