Elise Havens Presentation

This is a presentation given by Elise Havens at the American Daffodil Society annual convention in Sacramento, California on March 11, 2017. It was titled “87 Years – A Family Daffodil Business.” This video is a reconstruction of Elise’s talk. The audio you will hear in this video was recorded via a microphone  several feet away from Elise, and it picks up some sound from the public address system as well as the direct speech. Popping noises on the letter “p” come from the public address system. The visual part of the presentation was a PowerPoint presentation that included many transitions controlled by Elise. For this video, we have attempted to record the PowerPoint presentation while replaying it and trying to match the speech. For the most part, the audio and the visuals are in fairly close synchronization in this video so this video pretty much matches the live presentation. The presentation is essentially a chronicle of the most important Mitsch and Havens introductions. The length is 57 minutes and 35 seconds.


If the video does not play smoothly due to limited network bandwidth, you may wish to download and view it offline. There are also lower resolution versions which are smaller files that you might find more suitable for a small screen device. Click on THIS_LINK to go to the page with the files you can download.