Memories to Long Remember

Memories to Long Remember is a presentation given by Jaydee Ager and Richard Ezell at the American Daffodil Society national convention in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on May 1, 2022. It was not planned to be recorded, but there was a last minute decision to set up a camcorder to capture it for DaffTube. A single camcorder swings back and forth between the speakers and the projection screen. The screen is at angle and is slightly washed out by the room lights; however, the camcorder was right in front of the speakers, and the speaking was recorded with decent clarity. Jaydee and Richard reminisce about various daffodil people. The recording lasts about 62 minutes.


If the video does not play smoothly due to limited network bandwidth, you may wish to download and view it offline. There are also lower resolution versions which are smaller files that you might find more suitable for a small screen device. Click on THIS LINK to go to the page with the files you can download.