Narcissus Bulbocodium (Page 2)

Below are hyperlinks and the corresponding URLs to various versions of the
video “Bulbocodium Narcissus” by Harold Koopowitz. The first two are the
1280×720 MP4 and WEBM versions offered through the viewer on the principal page
The next three are lower resolution, hence smaller files as MP4 videos. The M4V
file has chapter markers at each minute and is suitable for iOS devices and iTunes.

1280×720 MP4 file: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_1280_720.mp4 (1147MB) at

1280×720 WEBM files: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_ProRes_422.webm (234MB) at

854×480 MP4 file: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_854_480.mp4 (581MB) at

640×360 MP4 file: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_640_360.mp4 (395MB) at

512×288 MP4 file: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_512_288.mp4 (209MB) at

854×480 M4V file: Koopowitz_Bulbocodium_854_480.m4v (583MB) at

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