Judging Intermediates (Page 2)

Below are hyperlinks and the corresponding URLs to various versions of the video Judging Intermediates. The first two are 640×480 MP4 and WEBM versions offered through the viewer on the principal page.  The next two are lower resolution, hence smaller files as MP4 videos. The M4V file has chapter markers for each topic and is suitable for iOS devices and iTunes. The last number in the file names (if the number is there) is the target data rate in kilobits per second that the video compression tried to achieve. Since this video was made by reading back the standard definition DVD made in 2010, there are no high definition versions.

640×480 MP4 file: Judging_Intermediates_640x480_1596.mp4 (734MB) at

640×480 WEBM file: Judging_Intermediates_640x480.webm (708MB) at

480×360 MP4 file: Judging_Intermediates_480x360_1096.mp4 (481MB) at

320×240 MP4 file: Judging_Intermediates_320x240_564.mp4 (248MB) at

640×480 M4V file: Judging_Intermediates_640x480_1896.m4v (821MB) at

If you’re unsure of which file to use, click on Video Links in the side bar for a description of the various versions we provide. For more information about downloading, click on Video FAQ in the side bar.